Interview with NEMESIS – a Hi Tech RIB

A Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) specifically designed and built in Greece by ELMON.

Nemesis is for Special Naval missions and Homeland Security purposes, capable to operate in all sea conditions.

It adopts stealth thermal technology systems resulting in extremely low radar signature trace.
It has been constructed to provide enhanced stability and maximum operating speed.

NEMESIS can be customized to meet your requirements.

• Dimensions: 11,3m length-3,44m width
• Capacity: 2 crew members and 10 fully equipped Men
• Maximum speed 50 knots
• Bulletproof protection for craft’s vitals
• Air lift capability
• Low noise profile
• Anti-thermal system
• 2x Volvo Penda sterndrive engines
• Impact and blast mitigating boat deck
Voice Communication System
• Thermal Day/Night camera
• 3-D Scanner Sonar
• GPS Plotter/AIS
• C4I Capabilities
• Self protection system

at the following video Nemesis is equipped with IDE’s (INTRACOM Defense Electronics) Tactical Broadband Software Defined Radio (Spartan)

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