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The end of the year is always a good time to recap what happened during the previous twelve months. For our part, we thought in the beginning of 2016 we would start flying our first prototype in summer and now at the end we are not quite there yet.

However, this delay was actually the result of constant improvements. Whenever, we built one part and tested it, we found ways to make it better. This caused us to miss the schedule for the first flight but it’s helping us already as we know so much more about the components, the materials, and the manufacturing methods.

Throughout the year we received a lot of amazing recognition: at our first airshow, the media coverage from the Daily Mail, Yahoo Finance and many more – news about us reached readers worldwide in eleven languages. The organizers of the largest and most competitive drone award, the UAE Drones for Good award, read about us too and invited us to participate in the competition.

We are very proud of it. However, without a flying prototype, we weren’t ready for the finals in Dubai just yet.

Now, at the end of this year, we are more optimistic than ever to achieve our goals next year – Building and flying the Airvinci Drone and start shaping the future of personal aviation.

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