‘THE FUTURE OF SPORT’ Intel shows off virtual reality technology that could change the way we watch sport FOREVER.

The world’s biggest computer chip company, Intel, has showcased “the future of sport” at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Called 360 Replay, the tech puts you right by the action of live sports without even needing to leave the sofa, all thanks to the wonderful world of virtual reality (VR).

Announced during the firm’s keynote at the conference , Intel boss Brian Krzanich said the merging of digital and physical worlds to create amazing immersive experiences will change the world of sports viewing.

“This is the future of sports,” Krzanich said.

The company gave Oculus Rift VR headsets to more than 260 reporters in the crowd, including The Sun Online, to show how this could work, taking them court-side of a basketball game in Indianapolis, via VR, from the comfort of a hotel conference room.

Intel-Oculus-CES2017-Replay-Virtual-RealityBy simply putting on an Oculus Rift VR headset, Intel was able to bring live sports to the audience never before.

We watched the Villanova-Butler NCAA basketball game live on virtual reality headsets from the press conference.

The experience includes a virtual score board that floats in your peripheral vision, and choices of different camera angles what you can select by hovering over different camera view buttons.

You can then view the game like you are really there. And that’s exactly how it feels, it felt like we had been dropped court-side. You are able to look around in 360-degrees and watch the action like a spectator in the sports arena.

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