Ebay & Linkedin protecting HUMANS from A.I.

The founders of LinkedIn and eBay are donating a combined $20m (£16.4m) to fund academic research aimed at ensuring the safety of artificial intelligences.

LinkedIn’s founder Reid Hoffman and the Omidyar network, the philanthropic investment firm set up by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, are donating $10m each to the Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund, which will distribute money to researchers working on the tough ethical problems raised by AI.

Linkedin Ebay Artificial Intelligence AI“There’s an urgency to ensure that AI benefits society and minimises harm,” said Hoffman. “AI decision-making can influence many aspects of our world – education, transportation, healthcare, criminal justice and the economy – yet data and code behind those decisions can be largely invisible.”

The specific research areas the fund will focus on aren’t fixed, but the possibilities include ethical design – “how do we build and design technologies that consider ethical frameworks and moral values as central features of technological innovation?” – and accountability in AI – “what kinds of controls do we need to minimise AI’s potential harm to society and maximise its benefits?”

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