the Designers VR software – GRAVITY SKETCH

Gravity Sketch is an intuitive multi-platform 3D creation tool. Users can create amazing 3D models, scenes, and art work in a fun and intuitive way!

For years 3D design tools have been difficult to learn and a nightmare to use. The Gravity sketch user experience makes sense for EVERYONE, in turn lowering the barriers to 3D literacy.


You can take your models out of the scene and import them directly into a game or another design or CAD tool. Gravity Sketch will change the way we create and share 3D content for years to come.

GRAVITY SKETCH is a London-based startup shaking up the 3D design space and transforming the future of digital creation.

With advancements in technology there is an increased demand for the creation of 3D content, however, digital 3D literacy has yet to reach adoption by the masses.

At Gravity Sketch we are determined to bridge this gap by delivering intuitive digital creation experiences.

Gravity Sketch started October 2013 in London as a group project between four Innovation Design Engineering students of the Royal College of Art.

Following their research and intuition, they developed a series of experiments that questioned the creative process, mental image visualization and limitation of existing 3D creation tools.

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