MakePrintable is a cloud based 3D CAD file fixing solution

created by Mixed Dimensions. that provides 3D files error free optimization services, through a simplified interfaces that requires close to no experience in 3D printing to get any 3D file fixed and ready for printing on any 3d printer.

Makeprintable Vision in Makeprintable is solidly built and based on the belief of the necessity of simplifying the process of 3D model fixing for every novice and expert 3D fixing user.

Make-Printable-Software-3D-Fix-printing-picturesThey launched our free beta version of Makeprintable, and enabled every passionate 3D designer, artist, maker, engineer or just a 3D hobbyist to use their services, provide them with feedback, and be part of their revolutionary vision of providing a reliable and easy 3D model fixing solution.

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