Play DRUMS in Virtual Reality – Paint it Black – Rolling Stones – Paradiddle

with a very Promised and Talented Prototype Developer at Magic Leap is working on Virtual Reality Drums App.

Emre Tanirgan

recorded a new video using the drumming App that is working on, developing for VR called Paradiddle.

The song is Paint It Black, by The Rolling Stones.

Updates in this version of the app include:

– Full Vive and Oculus Touch support.
– A basic user interface, which will be developed further in future updates.
– The ability to save and load drum setups, so you don’t have to recreate your drum set every time you open up the app.

– A full-on recording and playback feature. Users can save their recordings into files and load them back within the app, which lets them replay the recording on drums right in front of them.

It’s also possible to change the speed of the playback, so you could play back a really complicated piece and slow it down to really understand what’s going on.

The visuals are still placeholder, they’re not meant to give any indication of what the final version will look like.

The whole app is still very much in development, but it’s slowly starting to come together.