Interview with Ashley Cole – Laduma Storytellers bringing 360 to LA Galaxy

Laduma is a VR company that harnesses the power of visual storytelling to transport you to faraway lands and put you in places you can only dream about.

They produce stunning content, primarily for sport and entertainment brands, to bring you face-to-face with your heroes.

Tennis example – click and move your mouse to turn around – full screen supported

Using cutting-edge camera system and ground-breaking technology, they deliver powerful, emotional experiences that help brands drive unparalleled engagement and loyalty.

Their promise to clients is that we will bring something different to the party and that this work will always speak for itself.

about Laduma :

Operating in the UK, USA and South Africa, Laduma is a company built on daring and innovative storytelling.

Dynamic team of rising stars and industry experts will re-conceive the way your story is told and then deliver it by captivating the imagination of your audience in either a purpose-built VR app or by attaching our technology to your existing platform.

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