IDE’s Implementation of a NATO Exercises Execution System in Namfi – CRETE

Τhe delivery from IDE (INTRACOM Defense Electronics) to NATO Missile Firing Installation (NAMFI) of the Enhanced Control and Display System (ECDS) was successfully completed in mid-December 2016, a project awarded to IDE after an international tender.

ECDS supports exercises with real ammunition of ground-to-air and ground-to- ground weapons defense systems for the armed forces of NATO member countries and uses state of the art technologies for data processing and geographical display of information. The system interfaces with a large number of peripheral systems and unmanned flying targets and provides to NAMFI operators, in real time, consolidated and reliable tactical image of the field of operations.

The new system has been used with excellent results on 5 and 6 October 2016 during the joint air defense exercise conducted by the Armed Forces of Germany and the Netherlands.

The users of the system have expressed full satisfaction for the high quality of the work delivered, both in technology and in time frame level and also for the level of organization and effectiveness of IDE in the various stages of the ECDS project implementation.

About Namfi :

NAMFI is a Multinational Training Installation which was established with the Multilateral Agreement (MA) signed on June 11, 1964 initially by 8 countries.

Today three countries – Germany, Greece and the Netherlands- which are called Users Nations are still parties of the Agreement and they support and use NAMFI on permanent basis.

NAMFI administratively is controlled by the Hellenic National Defense General Staff (HNDGS) and is manned by military and civilian personnel belonging to the Hellenic Armed Forces.

The other two User Nations have stationed Liaison Officers to assist and advise NAMFI’s Commanding Officer who is designated by the Host Nation.NAMFI’s mission is to provide safe conditions within its space for the conduct of live firing exercises and additionally to host military and civilian aspect activities.

About IDE :

IDE, Greece’s leading defense electronics and communication systems provider, is a subsidiary of Intracom Holdings, one of the largest multinational technology groups in Greece.

IDE possesses unique know-how in design, development and manufacturing of products that incorporate state-of-the-art technology in tactical military communication systems, encryption devices, command, control and communication systems (C³I), surveillance, reconnaissance and security systems, hybrid electric power and electric energy storage systems, missile data links and electronic components, software for military applications and testing equipment as Tempest Test Lab & EMI EMC Test Laboratory.

IDE participates in international development and production programs, as well as in international cooperations for the production and export of defense equipment and is a registered member on NATO’s vendors list. The Company’s products and services are deployed in Cyprus, England, Finland, France, Germany, Lithuania, Luxemburg (NSPA), Sweden and the USA.