HYPATIA – the first Virtual City in DIORAMA

TimefireVR Inc. is an Arizona based Technology Company established in early 2014 to develop a virtual reality application platform (“Hypatia”), built on pillars of social interaction, commerce, cultural immersion, and entertainment.

CEO of TimeFire VR announced that the Company goes in to its next phase of releasing the Alpha version of its virtual reality experience, Hypatia, in the first quarter of 2017.

Hypatia is a curated virtual reality destination metaverse of massive scale, in development for over two years and influenced from some of the most visited cities in the world, including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Venice, Paris, London and New York.

TimefireVR’s VR platform application provides an environment for collaborative participation and experiential learning in a safe environment where creativity and curiosity are rewarded.

Hypatia’s Alpha launch is anticipated in early 2017 with expectations to be a VR destination content leader.

Socialize : Chat via text or audio with friends and family. Hang out and shop, watch videos, concerts, and plays.

Create : Create and customize the world around you. Be a painter, graffiti artist,  designer, photographer.

Explore : Travel to real cities and fantasy realms. Learn about culture or dream up your own.

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