Mixed Reality for Infrastructure – Cambridge University – Trimble

Welcome to the Construction Information Technology (CIT) Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. The laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility that is set up for sensing, information retrieval, and knowledge discovery from infrastructure data.

The research projects at the laboratory focus on the extraction and analysis of unstructured and semi-structured data, such as images, video, and the geometry of construction projects.

In November, Microsoft announced the release of Trimble’s SketchUp Viewer to the Windows Store, the first broadly available commercial Microsoft HoloLens application.  Trimble is using HoloLens and SketchUp Viewer to bring mixed reality to the construction industry, enabling Architecture, Engineering Construction and Operations (AECO) professionals to extend the value and investment that they have already made in 3D modeling.

SketchUp Viewer on HoloLens allows people to inhabit their designs in a natural and immersive way, creating improved collaboration and a better understanding of designs in real scale. This exciting collaboration was the first application of its kind and, as it turns out, just the beginning!

Regarding the collaboration, Aviad Almagor, Director, Mixed Reality Program at Trimble said: “Cambridge University is a world-renowned educational institution, and it’s been a fascinating experience to partner with the university and Microsoft, using HoloLens to envision the future of the AECO industry.

This initiative has helped us to inform the next frontier of technology within the sector – especially in areas such as construction, where IT has traditionally been underutilized. At Trimble, we’re excited about the potential mixed reality has to transform this industry, and partnering with Cambridge and Microsoft is just the beginning.”

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