Augmented Reality Turns School Gym Into An Interactive Playground – SAGA

The Interactive Gym, the latest project from the Canadian tech company SAGA, takes the traditional idea of gym class and adds a layer of augmented reality, turning the walls into giant games of skee-ball.

Videos of the collaboration recently posted on YouTube give a basic demonstration of how it works. Images of floating shapes are projected onto the wall while the kids launch rubber balls at them trying to shatter the images.

“We use 3D camera vision to detect interactions on the walls and the floors,” said Vincent Routhier, SAGA’s CEO. “This detection is then used as an ‘input’ for the games that are displayed using projection mapping, lighting and sound effects.”

Physical play things.

It’s a philosophy of play that’s bears more than a passing resemblance to how Nintendo has approached its own gaming technology.

Often derided for relying on gimmicks for each of its new consoles instead of simply emulating the more grown-up and austere focus on pure computing power shared by Sony and Microsoft, there’s always been a part of Nintendo that’s seemed hesitant to fully give up on its roots as a manufacturer of physical play things.

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