The Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan in 360 video

Meet Sidra. This charming 12-year-old girl will guide you through her temporary home:

The Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan. Zaatari is home to 130,000 Syrians fleeing violence and war, and children make up half the camp’s population.

In this lyrical VR film, Sidra leads you through her daily life: Eating, sleeping, learning and playing in the vast desert city of tents.

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Next Thursday, February 9th, 2017, Within – the VR company behind immersive experiences such as Clouds over Sidra and Mr. Robot VR – is taking viewers out of this universe.

In The Possible Episode 2: “Listening to the Universe,” Within gives the universe a virtual treatment, bringing audiences into the LIGO lab. It’s an unmatched chance to immerse yourself in outer space, see black holes and experience gravitational waves, and learn about these phenomena from the researchers themselves.

Within is pushing VR forward with ground-breaking experiences that explore and expand the medium’s potential.

This is the second installment of Within’s 5 part docu-series, The Possible, chronicling today’s top scientific feats in partnership with GE. The first episode, “Hello Robot,” brings you inside the world-renowned Boston Dynamics robotics lab.

It’s the first chance to go behind the scenes and see how scientists discovered the biggest astronomical event in history.

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