RockBand VR – best party game on the planet

Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. and Performance Designed Products LLC (PDP) announced Rock Band™ Rivals, a new expansion pack for Rock Band 4, is now available for pre-order.

Rock Band Rivals will be available either as part of a new set of hardware bundle offers at select retailers worldwide or as a digital upgrade for existing Rock Band 4 players. Rock Band Rivals will introduce two all-new game modes as well as multiple new venues and Rock Shop items.

Rockudrama is an all new campaign mode and the world’s first playable music documentary.

Featuring a mix of live-action video, in-engine footage and classic Rock Band gameplay, Rockudrama dynamically tells the story of your band’s epic, and often hilarious, rise to fame.

As players progress through their band’s memorable and winding road to glory, they will be introduced to a series of new venues and character assets that will be unlocked for play across all of Rock Band 4’s gameplay modes.

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