your Prescription is Virtual Reality

Virtual reality startup Applied VR is working with hospitals like Cedars-Sinai to prove that virtual reality is viable for patient care.

Hospital inpatients could soon be given a different type of prescription to manage their acute and chronic pain – a healthy dose of virtual reality (VR).

Speaking at the Pacific Design and Manufacturing show, Dr. Vartan Tashjian, an internist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, and Josh Sackman, president and co-founder of AppliedVR, a Los Angeles-based VR company, talked about their research into the patient care benefits of VR. Their recent work points to the potential of using VR as a viable alternative to drug-based treatments.

“A hospital room is not for comfort. They’re for suffering, and patients are trapped there,” Tashjian told the audience. “We thought what a wonderful thing it would be to bring VR to the bedside to take our patients to fantastic destinations.”

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