Virtual Reality for Healthcare – Luminous

Presently and in the not too distant future, virtual reality in healthcare will become the norm. In this piece, we’ll show you how VR can help detect, treat and cure patients in all sorts of different sectors, such as Surgery and Dentistry as well as teaching Nurses of the future.

VR will also be used to help the development of people suffering from mental disabilities such as Autism and help cure phobias and tend to soldiers dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

All this and more in “Doctor VR Will See You Now”.


about Luminous :

Originally formed in 1988, Luminous Group Ltd are a pioneering 3D technology provider. Over the years we have built a glowing reputation as innovators in the survey and 3D tech sectors.

In 2016 it was decided to re-brand the company with a new identity that more accurately represents the company’s wider offering with the creation of Luminous Group Ltd. The company is now made up of 3 core divisions Digital Surveys, Digital Architecture and Digital VR.


Doctor VR – Dentist VR – Phobias VR – P.T.S.D. VR – Autism VR – Surgery VR – Nurses VR

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