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Sixense views virtual reality as a platform to enhance all aspects of life, from entertainment to training and education to health to commerce. VR provides a new medium that can take familiar experiences and make them more engaging, more entertaining and more productive.

Our new vRetail™ platform represents a merging of entertainment with shopping to bring the best aspects of brick and mortar to e-commerce through VR. Using the toy segment as an example, a consumer can enter a branded store in VR to engage in a fully immersive and interactive energy sword training session.

This effectively reinvents retail by allowing him/her to experience products in a way that is not possible through any other medium and can segue into a retail shopping experience in which the consumer is in the mood to buy.

Similarly in the toy segment, kids can engage in a VR “try before you buy” experience for toys at home (or anywhere) that is engaging and entertaining. Sixense vRetail can create a unique showroom customized for any product that seamlessly transitions to a point of sale with a cart & checkout, all in VR.

about Sixense

Founded in 2007, Sixense Entertainment, Inc. is a privately held company of developers, engineers, experts and enthusiasts in the virtual reality (VR), 3D modeling and entertainment industries who share a passion for creating products that revolutionize the way we experience 3D content.

  • Sixense develops technology and builds products that deliver the most efficient way to create and the most immersive way to interact with virtual reality (VR) content.
  • Sixense’s patented motion control system enables one-to-one tracking of the user’s hands and body, which is crucial for creating the feeling of true presence in VR.
  • Sixense technology and products are widely recognized among developers and enthusiasts as the best way to interact with VR applications.
  • The SixenseVR development platform is the most efficient way to build VR applications because it makes it easy to bring the user’s head, hands, or full body into the virtual world.
  • Sixense technology is used in existing and upcoming consumer products across a diverse range of VR applications.

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