Drone Tool for Power Line Inspections and more DJI

Safety and reliability should always be prioritized when it comes to deciding what drones should be used for power line inspection. Here we look at the DJI Matrice 200 Series and how it fits the needs of the Zhaotong Power Supply Bureau.

The magnetic field generated around power lines and transmission towers is strong, but thanks to the built-in D-RTK module, DJI Matrice 210 is able to resist magnetic interference, realizing centimeter-level positioning accuracy, excellent flight stability and reliability even when flying near to these devices.

Although D-RTK technology solves the problem of interference and positioning accuracy, close-range inspection can still be risky for inspectors who lack skills in drone operation. Ordinary drones require inspectors to fly close to power lines and transmission towers in order to get clear images, which needs careful operation.

The Matrice 210, however, can carry the Zenmuse Z30 zoom camera with a 30x zooming capability, making details of transmission towers available from ten meters away or more. With a tap on screen, the target area is enlarged and zoomed in to, significantly improving work efficiency and safety.

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