VR Entertainment & Promotion Tool for Malls – KENZAN Arena

Kenzan Arena is a place where technology allows everyone to discover extraordinary worlds, in the best possible way.

Biggest free roaming playground of its kind

Kenzan Arena is the biggest free roaming playground of its kind – although scalable to any client’s requirements. The high precision hybrid tracking system, which was developed in collaboration with our Chinese partner Noitom, sets a new benchmark in both accuracy and latency in three-dimensional space.

But tech itself is not attractive without compelling content! Kenzan Arena offers a variety of beautiful and fascinating games that target children, families and adults.

Kenzan Studios releases updates for all its games at least two times a year. New games will follow every 12 months. As Kenzan Arena is a plug and play solution, updates will be delivered over the air. Furthermore, new cutting edge hardware will frequently be provided to the operators.

Bringing E-Sports to a new level

As a highlight Kenzan Arena will offer Multiplayer Competitions between multiple Kenzan Arena to bring E-Sports to a new level. Each Player is equipped with a backpack PC, a head mounted display and a set of controllers or special weapons.

These are wireless, free roaming experiences. Depending on the game, either Noitom’s motion tracking technology or the HTC Vive platform will be used. The games presented are Kenzan Studios Originals and use custom built add-ons to bring all experiences to the next sensory level.

The entry level version of Kenzan Arena is a standard 200 square meter area (2150 sq ft) where up to 12 players can simultaneously participate. Therefore, the recommended space of a Kenzan Arena facility is 400 square meters (4300 sq ft).

In addition to the 200 square meter playing area we recommend 100sqm waiting area and 100sqm for reception, coffee area, storage and operations. The minimum ceiling height is 3.5 Meters.

On request, Kenzan Arena can be scaled to fit the structural circumstances of the operator’s facility. Licensing and Availability: Kenzan Arena is sold in a franchise model and is now available upon request, worldwide.

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