SO REAL The World’s First Virtual Reality Theme Park

China just opened the world’s first virtual reality theme park.
Co-founded by illustrious film director Zhang Yimou – the man behind the 2008 Beijing Olympic opening ceremony, as well as hit films like Hero and House of Flying Daggers – this virtual wonderland looks incredible.

“It’s located in the heart of Beijing, literally two blocks away from Tiananmen Square,” SoReal president Sam Wang, said when we met him at VR World Congress in Bristol.

The vast centre covers about 32,000 sq ft, he explained, and it’s going to blow your mind.

The theme park, which officially opened last weekend, features eight main attractions, including “the world’s largest” free-roaming VR system. (This means you get to go rogue – no wires needed).

Gamers can travel to the future, fly to space, fight monsters, or even enter Star Trek, alongside content including immersive films and educational experiences.

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Credits to : Kitty Knowles