D.I.R.T. 360 Virtual Reality training for Military and Law Enforcement

D.I.R.T. 360 Virtual Reality training for Military and Law Enforcement is the new immersive breakthrough in training courses.

D.I.R.T. leverages the latest digital and virtual reality technologies and couple this with world-renown subject matter experts to deliver digital immersion response training (DIRT).

  • DIRT is available on desktop, mobile, or VR headsets.
  • Fully immersive virtual reality headsets.
  • Works with leading subject matter experts to deliver DIRT solutions.
  • Both in-person or online sessions are available.

As the training begins, officers enter a suspected drug house. One officer looks left, the other looks right as they clear the room. Two suspects are detained, one is wearing an Islamic head covering and the other is a white male with a shaved head. Objects litter the room including drug paraphernalia and a Quran. Is this a drug house or is there reason to suspect terrorist activity?

At first, such a scenario may sound like a fairly common training exercise for police, until you realize how it’s being delivered. Officers participating in this training are all wearing 360-degree virtual reality headsets. This technology allows them to train together—they’re all seeing the exact same video—but the headsets allow them to each have complete control over their own perspective. For example, as one officer looks left, another can look right, while another can look up, down, or behind him.

D.I.R.T. 360 Virtual Reality training for Military Law enforcement Enterprises
D.I.R.T. – Virtual Reality training

Referring to this training as virtual reality isn’t completely accurate because it’s much more than just a realistic video game. “It’s digital immersion, not virtual reality. We’re using virtual reality technology, but we’ve created a much more innovative training program than what exists out there,” said Darren Heater, who is the owner and lead creative director for DMH Visual Productions. Heater partnered with American Military University and organizers of INLETS, an FBI-led series of training seminars, to produce an innovative training program for law enforcement.

The training is called DIRT, Digital Immersion Reality Training, and the objective is for officers to experience a realistic training scenario as a team while allowing individual officers to develop their own responses and reactions about the investigation.

This training represents the future of law enforcement training. “This is the way young officers want to learn. They want immersive technology and they want it to be realistic, but they don’t want to play a video game,” said Tim Hardiman with American Military University. “DIRT gets the adrenaline flowing and it mimics the reality of scenarios as much as possible.”
Creating a Realistic Scenario Using Virtual Reality

Authenticity was the number one priority for creating DIRT. “My background in filmmaking means I’m always trying to create an authentic narrative that is real and not cheesy fake,” said Heater, who has worked in video production for 15 years. “Officers are really going through a law enforcement situation where they feel like they can learn and experience the scenario.” To add to the authenticity, Heater used real police officers as “actors” so everything about the training is realistic and accurate.

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