Breast Cancer Detection Bra | Higia Technologies

Breast Cancer Detection Bra equipped with tactile sensors to map the surface of the breast and surrounding areas, along with :

  • Texture
  • Color
  • Temperature

Higia (Hygieia)

In Greek mythology, Hygieia, was the daughter of the god of medicine, Asclepius, and Epione. She was the goddess/personification of health, prevention, and hygiene.

Higia Technologies is a Mexican biosensors company devoted to boosting women’s quality of life by attaining a professionalization of the self exploration method for the early and effective detection of breast cancer.

EVA The Auto-Exploration Bra

Simple and innovative patent pending technology

With proposals ranging from breast cancer screening to a bank to teach children to save money, high school and college kids were rewarded for their entrepreneurship.

The youngsters Alfredo Aguirre, Rogelio Valdés, Julián Ríos and Diego Gómez, who presented their business in person, went on to the national final that will be held at the end of February in Mexico City, where they will compete for a prize of 250 thousand pesos.

Julian Rios, 17, from Prepa Tec Campus Eugenio Garza Sada presented the project Higia:

  • A biosensor developed by Julián Ríos, 17 years old, applied under the bra between 60 and 90 minutes a week, seeks to combat breast cancer.
  • The patch, currently in clinical trials, stores breast texture and temperature data, then sends them to an application that makes a diagnosis and warns of abnormalities.
  • The product does not seek to replace the mastography, but to be an additional tool for the timely detection.

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