Companies are under Cyber Attack

Companies are under cyber attack. HP redefines the concept of security with a new global campaign starring Christian Slater. Christian Slater stars in a mini HP Studio series production line.

This is the first of a series of initiatives aimed at increasing awareness of the security risks facing businesses and consumers.

In turn, Slater appears to systematically hack a company – from mail to the meeting room – through neglected and poorly insured printers and computers. In essence, what the “Wolf” does is dramatically dramatize a situation for which many are written and spoken, but if one does not live it from within, he can not perceive the impact he may have.

So how do corporate networks fail and what can companies do to protect themselves? As the environment of connected devices grows geometrically, the complexity and magnitude of cyber attacks is increasing at the same rate. Ensuring the protection of devices, data and identities is imperative.

HP will not stop there, but it intends to rediscover security through a wide range of collaborations, events and products aimed at the most secure devices, solutions and technologies.

Companies-are-under-Cyber-Attack-HP-Security-StatisticsData and business information is more vulnerable than ever. Stay one step ahead of hackers, thieves, and unauthorized users with industry-leading security solutions available on our HP Elite PCs.

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