Explore Universe with Radio Telescopes – Astronomy by POAM

POAM Electronics manufacturer & supplier of Radio Telescopes and all associated accessories that provides a variety of radio telescope antenna package for Research or Education in Radio Astronomy.

POAM powerful 3 to 12 meter Radio Telescopes are ideal for spectral lines and continuum observation of up to 30 GHz.

Explore Universe with Radio Telescopes Astronomy by POAM AnalyzerFull rotation mount is the advantage of POAM antennas which extend the application of antennas to: Tracking LEO and MEO satellites, Radio Monitoring,  TT&C and Radar applications for advanced meteorological and environmental analysis.

POAM Electronics is a company that handles every aspect of radio telescopes. This includes the design, installation and complete oversight of whole projects. This means that you can obtain the exact radio telescope antenna that you are looking for based completely on your preferences.

No matter what type of project you have, they have the ability to design, construct and install a radio telescope antenna that is just for you. This makes radio astronomical telescopes more accessible and now you can have what you need in a shorter time period.

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Affordable system and on-time deliveries are just some of the benefits gained by choosing POAM Electronics. We are the leader in radio astronomy innovation and technology for a reason.

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Radio astronomy is the study of distant objects in the universe by collecting and analyzing the radio waves emitted by those objects. Just as optical astronomers make images using the light emitted by celestial objects such as stars and galaxies, radio astronomers can make images using the radio waves emitted by such objects, as well as by gas, dust and very energetic particles in the space between the stars. Radio astronomy has been a major factor in revolutionizing our concepts of the universe and how it works. Radio observations have provided a whole new outlook on objects we already knew, such as galaxies, while revealing exciting objects such as pulsars and quasars that had been completely unexpected.

From revealing the remnant of the Big Bang to showing the afterglows of the super energetic Gamma Ray Busters, radio observers have provided science with insights unobtainable with other types of telescopes. Radio telescopes today are among the most powerful tools available for astronomers studying nearly every type of object known in the universe.