IBM Watson speech services closer to HOLODECK ?

IBM Watson speech services closer to HOLODECK ? What if you could use your voice to powerfully affect your environment in Virtual Reality? With this tech demo from IBM, showcasing the Watson Developer Cloud using our SDK for Unity, you can.

Create, modify and destroy objects using only your voice in an immersive sandbox world. The purpose of this demo is to spark ideas with VR developers by showcasing how easy it is to build conversational interfaces in VR using two Watson services: Speech to Text and Conversation.

The Conversation service is the backbone of this entire system, so before diving into our Unity project or code, it would be best to explain a bit about how it works.

If you’re interested in learning how, or simply rebuilding this demo yourself, just go to IBM watson vr  for a comprehensive how-to guide.

or, if you have HTC VIVE try by yourself the IBM Watson Speech Sandbox for free.

HoloDeck Teaser :