Across the Line – a 360 video by Planned Parenthood

Across the Line is an immersive virtual reality experience that puts the viewer in the shoes of someone who is trying to access a safe and legal abortion by offering a new experience that can help people better understand what thousands of women face when they seek health care.

Using documentary footage and a collection real audio, viewers gain an intimate knowledge of the harassment and intimidation outside and compassion inside health centers across the country. Nobody should have to face harassment or threats in order to get health care services.

This VR film is helping us change the conversation around access to health care services and empowering supporters during those conversations on ways to stand against the current attacks on reproductive health care. We will continue to do everything we can to make every Planned Parenthood health center a warm, welcoming, safe place for patients.

Across the Line was co-produced by 371 Productions, Emblematic Group, and Custom Reality Services VR Lab. Planned Parenthood Federation of America served as an executive producer and consulted on the film’s script. For more information and behind the scenes information,