China’s Hujiang EdTech Launches Online Museum Project in Copenhagen

Hujiang EdTech, China’s leading online education company, through its interactive online teaching platform CCtalk, launched the Cultural Exchange –“Aim at the World” Museum Children’s Education Project at the Frederiksborg Castle Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In the video, Chinese children from remote rural area visited a museum for the first time and they also raised questions to the curator in Denmark through the Internet and live streaming.

Hujiang EdTech intends to introduce exhibits and other content from world class museums to children worldwide through Virtual Reality (VR) technology.

Hujiang is a professional Internet learning platform, is committed to providing users with convenient, high-quality all-round network of learning products and services. At present, Hujiang has four business systems, including learning information, learning tools, community learning platform, high-quality curriculum platform, which covers the language, study, study, workplace and other rich content.

In recent years, Hujiang vigorously support the Internet education and entrepreneurship team, and actively build online education ecosystem, to achieve industry win-win situation. At the same time, with the traditional school to explore, narrow the education gap, promote education fair, the quality of educational resources through the Internet to every corner of the world.

Hujiang was born in 2001, after 5 years of public service operation, since 2006, the company started operations, has now become a full-time employees, 2,000 part-time employees, with 140 million users of large Internet education enterprises, in the industry leader status.

With the continuous rise of mobile Internet, the Shanghai team launched a variety of mobile products, build mobile learning ecosystem. Just two years time brought together more than 110 million mobile learners, more free way of learning, so that knowledge at your fingertips.

more : Hujiang EdTech intends to introduce exhibits and other content from world class museums.