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Metareal is a corporation founded in August 2015 by Alexandre Jean Claude and Gareth Morgan to develop technology and services to meet the growing demand for enterprise strength, VR-ready, 3D content on the open web.

Alex and Gareth are both veterans of the high-technology software development community, having played leadership roles in various technology companies including Autodesk, Avid, Microsoft, Haivision, Softimage, Verold and Xtranormal. Alexandre has over fifteen years as a development Team Lead, Gareth in Product Management and UX Design. Working closely together over a decade, they created the tools that led Activision, Sony, SEGA, Valve, and many others to choose Softimage as their primary 3D artist tool.

Reconstructed VR environment MetaReal
Reconstructed VR environment MetaReal

With over 280M websites in the world, and less than a million professional 3D artists, the traditional CG industry will not be able to meet the growing demand for 3D content as both brands and consumers increasingly seek more immersive 3D and VR web experiences.

Metareal solves this problem with a ‘capture-to-publish’ content suite that empowers photographers & designers themselves to compose & publish beautiful, interactive 3D experiences – no devs required.

Creating True 3D Stereoscopic VR from Panoramic Photographs

Capture (or Upload)
Use any camera you like – our apps automate (almost) everything

Intelligent web tools empower anyone to create great experiences

Blazing-fast, high-quality output that just works across mobile devices and HMDs

Built-in 3D-aware analytics for deep insights into user behavior

about Metareal :
“As 3D animation geeks in the 90s, while designing and developing Softimage|XSI, Alexandre and Gareth often wondered about a future where everyone could benefit from the power of communicating in 3D, but at the time it was still too costly and highly technical. All that is now changing.

Metareal is a virtual reality content management platform. We’re bringing 3D content to the open web, at scale.

We empower creative people in many industries to take full advantage of the benefits of using VR-ready 3D content, such as increased customer engagement and deeper brand retention, without the expense and technical complexities traditionally associated with the creation, composition, and publishing of rich, interactive 3D content.

Our mission is to help businesses and organization communicate more effectively, and thereby help consumers make better, more confident product and service decisions with less effort.”

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