Drone Field Scanner by DroneDeploy

Better Insights. Faster Decisions.
Use drone data to improve farming efficiency all year long

Plan a mission, automatically fly and capture aerial imagery with your DJI drone.

Use imagery from any drone to create collaborative maps and 3D models.

Explore trends, make measurements and incorporate drone data in your everyday tools.

Crop Scout
Compile plant counts and analyze stand establishments.

Reduce Crop Loss
Assess crop damage to negotiate fair loss percentages.

Parasites & Fungi
Crop scout to detect parasites and fungi.

Prescription Maps
Generate better variable rate prescriptions.

Drainage & Irrigation
Plan drainage and irrigation repair.

Monitor Livestock
Keep track of livestock and grazing patterns.

Automatic Drone Flight

Fly and capture images using any DJI drone. Designed for use on the farm, by anyone.
Pre-plan missions for offline flight
Easily repeat flights for regular crop monitoring
Capture imagery with sensors from Slantrange, Sentera and more

Built for Use in the Field

With DroneDeploy, your data isn’t trapped on your computer. Easily share maps with other or take them into the field with you for note-taking on any device

A Fast & Flexible Crop Intelligence Solution In-field data, for in-field decisions

In just a few simple steps, use Fieldscanner to get a quick view of your crops while you’re in the field.
Select the area you want to map
Tap to initiate flight checks, then take off
Drone generates Fieldscan as it flies
View Fieldscan map and take action

The power for further investigation

Find something you need to investigate further? Use images captured in flight to create a high resolution 3D map for deeper analysis or export.
Take SD card out of the drone
Upload images to DroneDeploy
Wait for map and 3D model processing to complete
Access, analyze and share high resolution maps and 3D models on any device.

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