Virtual Reality (VR) Handheld IED Detector Training System

Virtual Reality (VR) Handheld IED Detector Training System. Cobham has developed a powerful virtual reality system to support training of leading-edge IED detection technologies.

The system replicates traditional training techniques in a computer-generated environment and brings a new level of flexibility and cost efficiency to this increasingly important element of every soldier’s basic training.

Virtual Reality (VR) Handheld IED Detector Training System monitorWith IEDs remaining an enduring threat for worldwide military operations, this innovative virtual-reality technology is designed to provide instructors with a synthetic environment where they can familiarise students with a hand-held detector, helping them to gain a better understanding of how it responds to different target types buried in typical ground conditions.

The system is highly mobile and flexible, and feedback from initial demonstrations has been exceptionally positive.

Virtual Reality Handheld IED Detector System Overview.

The immersive virtual reality system consists of a headset worn by the student, an ergonomically representative hand-held detector coupled to an accurate three dimensional tracking system and a PC that hosts the synthetic environment.
After calibration of the system, the instructor selects a desired training scenario; this includes a set of environmental conditions and target placements. Other situational awareness and ground-sign indicators can also be included.

The student is then allowed to traverse the virtual test area within the synthetic environment closely matching the feedback they would receive in a real world situation.
The application also incorporates configurable warning alarms to indicate if the student is operating the equipment outside set bounds.

This includes the facility to show the ground coverage achieved by the student together with the accuracy of their detection.

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