IBM Bluemix Cloud Platform & Augment Reality

The human brain has evolved to learn and operate optimally in multi sensory environments. Hence, when we engage more senses, more cognitive connections and associations are made and this helps to further process new information. In fact, we learn “better” using multiple senses at once. It’s logical!

Let’s use Dragon Creative Enterprise Solutions Ltd. (DCESL) to help us build some new cognitive connections of our own.

They’re the Hong Kong based start-up that launched MAD Gaze, the smart glasses brand that brings an augmented reality experience to both businesses and consumers. MAD Gaze glasses offer sleek, light, design choices with camera, video, and storage and smartphone integration built-in to the wearable.

Consumer use cases range from personal productivity, live stream and navigation – it’s the multi sensory learning applied to business that sparks the imagination.

MAD Gaze and Watson train auto mechanics

DCESL has developed a training simulation application that is being tested by the Vocational Training Council in Hong Kong to help teach automobile mechanics. By leveraging application programming interfaces from the Watson Developer Cloud, including IBM Watson Speech to Text, Visual Recognition and Dialog APIs, DCESL’s MAD Gaze glasses can see and identify vehicles parts, vocalizing the part names and help students find where they need to be fitted through 3D animation instructions.

Imagine how this changes the approach to teaching both adults and children? In the cognitive era, multi sensory learning will allow workers to gain the skills needed for new-collar jobs previously unattainable to them. Companies can train employees faster and at less cost. Create safer working conditions. Companies can deliver learning – as a company’s service, proposal, or consultation – in imaginative new ways.

Since migrating to the IBM Cloud, DCESL has developed several cognitive AR solutions in areas including travel assistance, logistics and inventory and customer service, with one application already rolled out in the field and increased their time to market by 70%.

“With IBM Bluemix, IBM’s cloud development platform enables us to tap into an incredible range of built-in functionality so we don’t need to build it ourselves,” said Jordan Cheng, Founder and CEO of DCESL.

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