Computer in a Cable – all in ONE – InnSpire

Television & IPTV
The InnSpire “Enabler-box” is also a set-top-box for TV. We support most common standards, such as IPTV, Satellite, Cable, etc. So in most cases, we simply plug in to your existing infrastructure and display the content of your choice. If you need help with the Digital Headend, we know that too. Our Electronic EPG and smart listing of channels will help your guests to easily find what they want to watch.

Why are most browsers so limited and offer very little functionality and flexibility? And why are they so slow? Not InnSpire’s – full support for Flash and Java, and as fast as your laptop! Give your guests the freedom to surf the open web!

Video on Demand
VOD has really been sliding in popularity, so it is not always that we do offer VOD. But if VOD is important, InnSpire does offer VOD. It can either be on S-VOD or T-VOD basis, meaning it can be on Subscription base where the guest’s can simply watch as they please, or by Transaction, where they pay for any movie they would like to watch.

Wi-Fi Hotspot
Cut your Wi-Fi costs. Our solution offers a personal, password-protected private Wi-Fi in each room, with perfect coverage from the box! While most Wi-Fi’s are built around antennas in the hallways, with the signal to the rooms being blocked by the fire-door, the bathroom with tiles, closets and mirrors, etc., this signal is of exceptional quality – right in the room!

A World of Entertainment

InnSpire™ is proud to offer the latest and the best in digital entertainment, social media and technological advancements in order to maximize the guest experience. With InnSpire™, your hotel will instantaneously be able to offer your guests the latest movies, popular music, fun Android™ games, IPTV-channels, easy access to the hotel’s food, products and services – and so much more! It’s really a connected world, and only our imagination sets the limits.

Stream Media

Imagine your guests simply streaming their own photos, music or even videos to the TV in the room! No downloads, no hassles. Password protected and secure. InnSpire’s Guest Media Streaming supports Airplay™, DLNA™, and Miracast!

Stay Social

So much happens today in the world of social media. So why should your guests miss out? With the intelligent Social Media Connector™ of InnSpire™, your guests get fun, quick and easy tools to instantly include your hotel, information and images in their social media interactions on Facebook™, LinkedIn™, Google+™ and more! Imagine the incredible power of the free marketing this gives the hotel! Every time one of your guests posts on Facebook™ or LinkedIn how much they recommend it – their whole network sees it!

Popular Content Services

There has been a quick shift in the industry. Until now, the hotel was expected to supply a lot of the entertainment guests would want – with a huge number of channels and an expensive VOD solution as a result. But today, guests carry their own devices, with their own content and subscriptions to services like Netflix, HBO, Spotify etc. This is the content they want to watch, and we help make that possible!

Analyze & Optimize

Using our clever system built around open APIs, connect electronic services and products you already use to InnSpire, and get get a quick overview using the Hotel Analytics Dashboard™.

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