FLIR’s Small UAV – Black Hornet [SUAV]

FLIR’s Small UAV – Black Hornet [SUAV] – PD-100 PRS. At the end of Noveber of 2016 FLIR Acquired World’s Lightest SUAV Developer Prox Dynamics.


PD-100 PRS
The PD-100 is the first airborne and commercially available Personal Reconnaissance System. It provides end users with a highly mobile sensor system providing an immediate Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance capability.

Black Hornet 2 nano sensors
The Black Hornet 2 nano sensors are inherently safe and pose virtually no risk to other air vehicles or personnel, allowing the system to be operated almost anywhere at any time without prior airspace coordination. The Black Hornet’s small size and electric motors makes it virtually inaudible and invisible beyond short distances.

Rotor span 120 mm
Mass 18 g including cameras
Maximum speed 5 m/s
Endurance up to 25 minutes
Digital data link beyond 1600 m line-of-sight
GPS navigation or visual navigation through video
Autopilot with autonomous and directed modes
Hover & Stare, preplanned routes
Steerable EO cameras (pan/yaw and tilt)
Live video and snapshot images


Search and rescue
Reconnaissance in confined areas
Look behind, between and below obstacles
Birds eye view for situational awareness
Object identification
Proximity surveillance
Crowd control
Inspect nuclear installations
Check chemical plants after incidents and accidents


Transportable – complete system fits inside a pocket
Ready to fly – airborne within one minute
Fly it anywhere – in confined areas and outdoors
Stealth – small and inaudible
Easy to operate – requires little training and no pilot experience
Safe – represents no risks to other aircraft or personell
Affordable – reusable or expendable

Roswell Flight Test Crew, speaks with Arne Skjaerpe, the vice president for UAV operations at FLIR Systems about the Black Hornet: a tiny drone that can be carried and deployed by individual soldiers.

The aircraft weighs just 18 grams and is available in “day” and “night” versions with different cameras. With a range of up to one mile, the Black Hornet provides a live video feed to the operator on a chest-mounted display. The total system, including two aircraft, a controller and the video screen weighs less than three pounds. The controller has been optimized for single-handed operation. The Black Hornet is a restricted product, and is only sold to agencies of friendly governments, such as: the military, law enforcement and firefighters.

The Roswell Flight Test Crew, (creators of the above video) builds and flies (and crashes and repairs) home-made drone aircraft