Mars Walk Virtual Reality App by Lockheed Martin

The first people who will visit Mars are sitting in a school today. To help inspire these students, Lockheed Martin created Mars Walk. A virtual reality adventure you can experience using your own smartphone. Mars Walk provides a fun, interactive, and educational tour of the red planet in a stunning VR experience.

– Walk the surface of Mars and explore the landing sites for InSight, Viking and Curiosity.
– Experience dust storms at the Northern Crater
– Observe InSight and Viking as they gather information about Mars
– Visit one of the famous Viking landers that landed more than 40 years ago
– Follow Curiosity as it navigates the red surface collecting samples

Mars Walk – NEW VERSION :
“We’ve added several new features to enhance your Martian expedition and have made numerous performance updates to make the application run even better. Starting here on Earth, your journey will now begin by locating Mars in the night sky.

After travelling to the Red Planet, you will explore the Martian landscape, collecting 11 new hidden objects, learning more about the different regions of the planet and its historical missions. Do you want to learn about the weather on Mars? Be sure to visit the region where the Curiosity Rover is operating to get daily weather updates from the spacecraft itself!”

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