Lamborghini China Giro 2017

Lamborghini China Giro, the exclusive driving tour across the picturesque Gansu and Qinghai – a splendorous and historic region of western China. The group of car owners enjoyed the pure thrill of driving in this sacred location, witness the unique, pristine beauty of the region and felt the legacy of the traditional culture while experiencing Lamborghini’s DNA.

During the China Giro, the fleet of Lamborghini cars traversed what is commonly referred to as one of the most beautiful roads in China – the Qinghai Lake road – for an unforgettable driving experience. On the first day of the tour, after departing from Lanzhou, the drivers took off on an exhilarating drive to Xining, where they visited the historic Kumbum Monastery founded centuries ago during the Ming Dynasty.

Lamborghini China Giro 2017 ancient TourThe next day, the group of driving enthusiasts drove all the way to visit the Yellow River on jet boat. The fleet then set off for a trip to Ashigong National Geographic Park where they were stunned by the deep, rich hues and dramatic cliffs of the region’s exceptional Danxia landforms. Following the day of scenic driving, the guests then relished an evening of relaxation and exultation as they were treated to an enthusiastic Lamborghini party.

The next morning, the group witnessed another historic delight as they experienced how traditional BuddhistThangka painting is practiced. The guests then cruised in their luxurious super sports cars around Qinghai Lake, circling the largest lake formation in the nation, before taking to the skies in a customized Lamborghini hot air balloon ride where they gained a new perspective of the roads and regions they had traveled.

A driving experience and the opportunity to discover the extraordinary beauty of China. The China Giro, taking place annually, offers an emotional driving experience and the opportunity to discover the extraordinary beauty of China.