Lenovo – Disney – Star Wars Jedi Challenges – AR HEADSET

Star Wars Jedi Challenges and a new augmented reality headset from Disney combine forces to allow players for a new emergence into the Star Wars world.

Augmented reality is a new method of storytelling and Disney is trying to get in on the fun with a new prototype of Star Wars to play with. Lenovo and Lucasfilm have worked together to create a new augmented reality headset that works with your phone to play a game called Star Wars Jedi Challenges.

Here is how it works: Download the app to your phone and turn it on. You take your phone and insert it into Disney and Lenovo’s new headset. Now you are into this new augmented reality world of Star Wars Jedi Challenges.

Which returns us back to Disney, LucasArts, and Lenovo’s new augmented reality headset. The proof of concept for this new augmented reality is going to be Star Wars Jedi Challenges. We have to imagine Disney will want others to use their app translating headset as well and undercut this as a cheap entry point into this technology space, as opposed to a headset like Microsoft’s HoloLens

There were no release dates attached to either the headset or the Star Wars Jedi Challenges app, but Disney has said we will learn even more in the coming weeks about this new venture.

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