Vera Bradley VR Shopping in Google Play – App

Vera Bradley VR Shopping in Google Play – App. This Virtual Reality app for Daydream invites you into the Vera Bradley world to experience the new Bedding Collection in the SoHo NYC store. Shop the beautiful and extraordinarily crafted bedding pieces in VR and brighten your home with a fun and sophisticated mix of prints and finishes.

This VR app lets you view fully styled product sets and switch the bed from one set to another to get inspiration for different combinations of colors and patterns. Move around the bed to see the intricate design details on the products from all sides. Get information about any of the products shown in the experience and save the ones you like.

Vera Bradley VR Shopping in Google Play - AppThe above App created from a very promising company Obsess VR.

Obsess is a platform that enables brands and retailers to create discovery-driven, branded, immersive 360 shopping experiences across all channels.

They currently offer three (3) types of experiences and some features are :

  • Select products from the environment and get information about them
  • See additional content about anything in the environment in the form of text, images, videos, carousels
  • Save products you like
  • Optionally see products in 3D, rotate them, zoom in/out
  • Gaze tracking to automatically trigger actions
  • Analytics on all user interactions
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Obsess technology powered the first all-virtual interactive fashion show at New York Fashion Week

In collaboration with Samsung and FTL Moda, Obsess created an interactive runway experience for 5 designers.

FTL Moda VR Experience, powered by Obsess

Screen recording from the Samsung Gear VR headset of the VR experience developed by Obsess for The Shows at FTL Moda, in partnership with Samsung, for New York Fashion Week.

Virtual Reality meets Fashion

Virtual Reality is going to change the the way we experience fashion and eliminate the uninspiring interfaces of today’s web & mobile based e-commerce. Neha Singh, founder of Obsess, speaks about the future of shopping for fashion and the VR technologies that will be most relevant for this space. Obsess is a startup that’s building a VR shopping platform for fashion.

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