EasyJet to fly battery-powered planes within the next decade

UK budget airline EasyJet has paired with US firm Wright Electric to develop all-electric aircraft that can be used for its short haul flights. As part of a wider strategy to progressively decarbonise and reduce noise from aviation operations, EasyJet hope to build the all-electric commercial passenger jet within the next decade.

EasyJet and Wright Electric envision that the electric planes will be powered by swappable battery packs with advanced cell chemistry. Distributed electric propulsion system will be installed in the wings, which will have a high aspect ratio to enable a more energy efficient flight.

The electric aircraft could be used for flights under two hours or 335 miles, which would cover up to 20 per cent of EasyJet seats flown, including UK and European routes such as London to Paris and Amsterdam, and Edinburgh to Bristol. With commercial electric flights promised within the next decade, the airline says that every short haul flight could be electric within 20 years.

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