L3Pilot – Piloting Automated Driving on European Roads

L3Pilot tests the viability of automated driving as a safe and efficient means of transportation.

The project focuses on large-scale piloting of SAE Level 3 functions, with additional assessment of some Level 4 functions. The functionality of the systems used is exposed to variable conditions with 1,000 test drivers and 100 vehicles in 11 European countries.

The tested functions cover a wide range from parking to overtaking, and urban intersection driving. These tests will provide valuable data for evaluation of technical aspects, user acceptance, driving and travel behaviour, and impact on traffic and society.

With its large coverage of driving situations, L3Pilot is the first project worldwide demonstrating and testing a comprehensive setup of automated driving functions.

I-SENSE is one of the Research Groups of the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS).

I-SENSE Group is very active in a number of Scientific and Research Areas with main Application Areas the Intelligent Transportation Systems, Virtual Environments, Assistive Technologies, Smart Integrated Systems – Sensors, Communication, Platforms. I-SENSE is involved in a number of EC and National Research Projects and has a significant presence in International Conferences and Scientific Journals.

It is also involved in the organization of important events, workshops and conferences.

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