a StandAlone VR HeadSet by Facebook – Oculus Go

Mark Zuckerberg reveals the Oculus Go, a new untethered wireless VR headset. It will cost $199 and ship in early 2018.

Oculus on Wednesday announced Oculus Go, the first Oculus headset to go completely cord-free, priced at a competitive $199, that arrives just as the all-in-one headset race is truly picking up.

“Cutting the cord is liberating, of course, from purely a human perspective in that just having freedom of movement is phenomenal,” Barra told Yahoo Finance in an interview this week at Oculus Connect in San Jose, California. “Then, there’s the more ‘metaphorical’ cutting of the cord, which is just going to a fully self-contained, stand-alone device that doesn’t require a PC. Obviously, the fundamental impact of that is that the affordability and the accessibility of the product is just substantially higher,” he said.