Restoring Lancia Delta Integrale [Once Upon a Time]

2018 is certainly the year of the restomod. After the stunning Paul Stephens 911 Clubsport, the exquisite Singer DLS study and Porsche’s own Project Gold, you’re now looking at the flamoyantly named Delta Integrale Futurista.

Unveiled at Grand Basel this week, the new/old car is the work of Eugenio Amos and his Automobili Amos company. Just like Singer’s take on the iconic 911, the Delta Integrale Futurista riffs on the design of the Lancia classic; but you’ll now find a carbonfibre front, wider aluminium body and more than 1000 new, reworked components.

And the specs?
According to the Automobili Amos Instagram page, the Delta Integrale Futurista weighs just 1250kg, and puts out 330bhp. Creator Amos says it’ll cost around €300,000 (£270,000) when full production finally starts, so it won’t be cheap. We’re not sure how many will be made, but we’ll update this article when we find out.

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