Overwatch: Junkenstein’s Revenge Gamer-Guide

With the return of this years Halloween Terror event, came the all-time favorite game-mode, Junkenstein’s Revenge, which takes place in Adlersbrunn, a fictional castle where the mad Dr. Jameson Junkenstein decides to create an army of robots, the “Zomnics” who will help him take revenge on the people who made fun of him.

In this year’s event four (4) players have to choose to play as Soldier:76, Mccree, Hanzo, Ana, Torbjörn, Zenyatta, Widowmaker, Tracer or Brigitte. As soon as the heroes are chosen, the game begins, they spawn in front of the wooden gate of a tweaked version of the map Eichenwalde.

The players must protect the gate from the slow-moving “Zomnics” which explode when they come near the door, while the heroes protect the door from the “Zomnics” you can hear the voice of “Reinhardt” who is narrating over what the players are doing.

Every two (2) minutes or so, a boss appears, the bosses include Reaper, Junkenstein’s Monster, Dr. Junkenstein, The Summoner and The Witch, whom appear in the mentioning order. After ten (10) of gameplay the match is over, you see the victory screen, watch the play of the game, and then you return to the lobby.

This game-mode has two (2) different versions, the “Junkenstein’s Revenge” mode and “Junkenstein’s Revenge Endless” mode, and both consist of four (4) difficulties (Normal, Hard, Expert and Legendary).

By completing different modes and different difficulties you can earn special achievements which come with a special “Spray” which you can use on the battle-field and has unlimited uses.



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