High Energy Laser Mission Scenarios – RAYTHEON

Drawing on decades of manufacturing expertise, Raytheon continues to define the future for high-energy laser systems, target designators and next generation laser range finders. Our combat proven sensors and ready-now technology turn “just an idea” into a dominant battlefield advantage.

They produced the first laser rangefinder, the first laser target designator and the first production military LADAR, a combination of radar and laser, beginning in the 1960s.

Their high energy lasers, or HEL are designed to detect and track manned and unmanned airborne vehicles, shipboard, ground-mobile and ground-based platforms.

Combat proven, with nearly four million operational flight hours, their Multi Spectral Targeting System™ combines the most advanced laser designation capability with infrared sensors and fiber to enable pinpoint military operations.

RAYTHEON provide innovative laser weapon systems with 360 degree coverage for sea, land and air applications. Their laser technology identifies, tracks, and defends against enemy missiles, mortars, unmanned vehicles, swarming boat attacks and …

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